Protection of biodiversity in forest areas, including the Natura 2000 network - Promotion of best practices



Project „Best for biodiversity” will participate in European Natura 2000 Award!


Best practices manuals are collection of expertise prepared by some of the nation’s top experts on species or habitat protection. Printed out manuals were distributed among workshop participants and nature protection institutions. Because of big demand for more manuals which we cannot print out any more we publish them on web page in pdf files.


A World Preserved is now available on YouTube State Forest channel.


On August 29-30 in Żagań and within the Ruszów Forest District the staff of the Coordination Centre for Environmental Projects organised workshops on the protection of the Capercaille and Black Grouse. The choice of the locality was intentional – in this Forest District a project for the reintroduction of the Capercaille is being implemented and the first results have already been observed as the settled birds have bred successfully. Activities conducted in the Ruszów Forest District are currently financed from the LIFE+ Programme within the project entitled “Active protection of lowland populations of Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) in the Bory Dolnośląskie Forest and Augustowska Primeval Forest”. According to the participants this was one of the most interesting training sessions organised within the LIFE+ project entitled  „Best for Biodiversity”, co-financed by the European Union under the  LIFE+ Programe, the National Fund of Environmental Protection and Water Management and the State Forests.


This time, we asked one of participants to describe her experience affter the reptiles protection workshopw. Here is ther workshop from forestry student Katarzyny Pleskot point of view.



Project “Biodiversity protection in forest area,
including Nature 2000 areas – promotion of best practice” (Best for Biodiversity),
co-financed with the means of the European Union under the Financial Instrument LIFE+ and the National Fund of Environmental Protection and Water Management and State Forest National Forest Holding”

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