Protection of biodiversity in forest areas, including the Natura 2000 network - Promotion of best practices



Biodiversity protection in forest areas, including Nature 2000 areas-promotion of best practices

Biodiversity protection in forest areas, including Nature 2000 areas-promotion of best practices

The general goal of the project is promotion of the best practices, related to protection of biodiversity in forests, especially in the Nature 2000 areas. Information about best practices in biodiversity protection, passed by means of the project, is addressed mainly to professional groups, which can be the most effective in further popularization of identified, sometimes experimental, methods.

 Therefore, information presented during the campaign is focus on practical guidelines and include: • Identified ways and methods of biodiversity protection, put into practice by people professionally involved in an issue, • Constraints and problems encountered during their implementation along with some pieces of advice on how to avoid them; • Examples of particular contact places where more detailed information may be obtained;

Aim of the project:

- Identification of good practices in biodiversity protection in forest areas, especially within the Nature 2000 areas. Wide disperse and promotion of the best practices in species and habitats protection.

- Presenting forms and methods of biodiversity protection and sustainable management to the key target recipients (services responsible for forest areas management inPoland, forest owners and NGO’s involved in protective activities)

- Development of “road maps” for 11 chosen species or habitats protection which could be applied as regulation for all State Forests Districts.

- Creating platform of dialogue and cooperation among different parties (eg. foresters, local communities, non-governmental organizations, scientists), focusing on currently identified biodiversity issues, especially in relation to the Nature 2000 species and habitats ;

 -Increasing awareness of society at large of both richness and importance of biodiversity protection in forest areas in general and in Nature 2000 sites

Results of the project:

- 11 Best practice manuals for species and habitats protection - link

- 11 Films "A world preserved" - link

- 29 workshops on nature conservation for 1300 participants -

  workshops publications and presentations (Polish only)

- 16 species and habitats protection proposytions - 16 road maps

- 55 articules in newspapers and magazines

- Leymans report

- After-life communication plan (Polish only)


Project “Biodiversity protection in forest area,
including Nature 2000 areas – promotion of best practice” (Best for Biodiversity),
co-financed with the means of the European Union under the Financial Instrument LIFE+ and the National Fund of Environmental Protection and Water Management and State Forest National Forest Holding”

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