Protection of biodiversity in forest areas, including the Natura 2000 network - Promotion of best practices



Conservation of baltic raised bogs on Pomerania, Poland

Conservation of baltic raised bogs on Pomerania, Poland

Project carried out by the Klub Przyrodników. The mail objective of the project is to maintain or restore the favourable conservation status of active raised bog and pine/birch bog forest habitats and the favourable conservation status of its complexes - baltic raised bogs in Pomerania, Poland.

The main activity are: blocking draining ditches by sluices and dams building or filling the ditches, invasive birch and pine trees removing for evapotranspiration decreasing and water balance improving; removing of spruce (alien species here) invading the bogs, experimental dry peat earth removing and Sphagnum transplantation and work with local communities and influential stakeholders for building awareness of bogs value.



Project “Biodiversity protection in forest area,
including Nature 2000 areas – promotion of best practice” (Best for Biodiversity),
co-financed with the means of the European Union under the Financial Instrument LIFE+ and the National Fund of Environmental Protection and Water Management and State Forest National Forest Holding”

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